Yes. We Can.The Preserving Traditions shop is now open! Come get your “Yes. We Can.” merchandise – shirts, mugs, and posters! Aprons will be posted separately; I’m ordering a bunch from a local shop in Ann Arbor for local distribution. Once those are gone, I’ll add aprons to the shop so folks from afar can order them, as well. (Please note: I will not be taking orders or shipping items – you will need to do all that through the online shop.)

All proceeds from sales go to support Preserving Traditions.

As an aside, if you are looking for small batches of imprinted items for your club, group, church, etc., do check out CafePress. They print on demand, so there’s no minimum order and no chance of getting stuck with back stock. It’s a breeze to get started; I think I put about 2 hours of work total into setting up this shop.