cannersHi, folks!

Well, PT is off to a great start (if your participation and enthusiasm  at events are the sign of greatness!) and I think it’s time we start talking about the community kitchen aspect of the group.

The dream is to equip the Grange kitchen with kitchen tools that group members can use for their own food preservation or larger-scale cooking projects (bake the week’s bread, make and freeze a bunch of entrees, make a wedding cake, etc.). We might also consider “harvest processing” tools like pea shellers, cherry pitters, grain winnowing machines, etc. (We have a couple cider presses already!)

What’s important to you? What equipment would you like to be able to use at the Grange kitchen? What would you like to see from the Grange kitchen as a social space? What types of events are most interesting to you (classes, potlucks, canning parties, entree-making, community meals…)?