cannersHey, folks –

I’d like us to get on the schedule at the Grange for some “canning work days.” I’ve created a poll with dates from now until October. Please let me know what days you might be interested in joining in. I will reserve 3 or 4 dates between now and then, and we can get together with equipment and ingredients, and share the load and expertise! I imagine we’d do chicken broth, tomatoes, and maybe jam or fruit or pickles. Ore even kraut! Who knows…we’ll decide in smaller groups when we get some dates settled.

You can take the poll here . Just type in your name or nickname and put a check on the times you can meet. You don’t have to sign up for an account, and you won’t get spammed by signing up (we use this service at UM all the time for work).  I’ll post the final results here.

I’m going to post links to this poll in a couple places. Sorry for the cross-posting; you only need to vote once.