tomato CanningSeptember saw two tomato canning workshops with Preserving Traditions: one at our original Ann Arbor / Pittsfield Grange location, and the first-ever event at our West Bloomfield / Westacres location! Here are the reports…

Sept. 13, at the Grange

Over a dozen canners turned out to learn the basics of water-bath canning, converting many pounds of tomatoes into sixteen quarts of canned chopped tomatoes. In a rarely-seen event, the tomatoes chopped exactly filled the jars available, which exactly filled the two canning kettles we had on the stove! Y’all have been warned, it never works out that perfectly at home. ūüôā

The next Ann Arbor event will be Apple Turnovers on October 11th.

Sept. 20, Westacres

cannersThe Preserving Traditions-West Bloomfield Tomato Canning event was a hoot!¬†¬†We ended up with 4 enthusiastic canners from 4 different experience levels.¬†¬†One participant was fairly proficient at canning, one was an “ex-canner”, another had only made jam and the last was completely new to the whole canning experience.¬†¬†The approach was very laid back with much support and input by all attendees,complete¬†¬†with active discussions!¬†¬†One conversation revolved around why our mothers learned to can from *their* mothers, but didn’t pass that knowledge to us.¬†¬†Why was that?¬†¬†Was it because of too many memories laboring over a hot stove in a summer kitchen that lacked air conditioning?¬†¬†Were our mothers the result of the convenience food era, that canning was considered “backward” or unsophisicated?¬†¬†Our “ex-canner” spoke on behalf of our mothers, and confirmed that these reasons could have very well lead to the broken link between generations.¬†¬†However, with use of the commercial kitchen at the Westacres clubhouse we had lots of room in which to work, a relativity cool kitchen that didn’t need the aid of air conditioning and best of all great company that made the task all the more enjoyable!

Our October 18th event will involve making no-knead bread and saurkraut.¬†¬†Won’t you join us?